The Meaning of the Brown Belt at Flowery Branch, GA Martial Arts

Flowery Branch GA Martial Arts

What is the meaning of the Brown Belt? At Flowery Branch, GA Martial Arts, this belt symbolizes the Production of Fruit. 

This season is broken down into two levels. After students become Brown Belts, the next belt level they advance to is the Brown Belt Senior. 

During the Brown Belt seasons, the students have matured into great practitioners of HapKiDo. They have grown from being just seeds beneath winter snow, through the germination of life in spring, and recently through summer. The Brown Belt season has students passing through autumn.  

With the end of summer, the browning of the leaves on all the green plants show maturity in growth. The emphasis now is on producing the fruit. Similarly, the students’ techniques are beginning to come together with the mind. Most importantly, discipline, insight, mental agility, and self-control become important attributes during this phase of training. If students felt awkward about any of the previous techniques, this season is all about overcoming it all. From persistence in pursuing great growth in maturity, the students will see they have a greater grasp on the art than their earlier seasons. 

In general, when we get closer to a goal’s end, we might sometimes get snappy and agitated towards others because of tiredness, angst, etc. There’s a way to achieve what we want while still maintaining healthy relationships with others, ourselves, and other parts of our lives. With this in mind, a few qualities that Brown Belts and Brown Belt Seniors are asked to observe are kindness, consideration, perseverance, and moderation. These attributes will take them far in life. 

Stay tuned for next week as we discuss some of the attributes of Red Belts! 

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