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Choe’s HapKiDo Karate Flowery Branch Georgia – What does it mean to unlock one’s potential? At Karate Flowery Branch Georgia, it’s looking at how students approach a goal with their best efforts. There are at least a few aspects that contribute to one’s potential.

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Distractions are everywhere! We might take a mini break for social media, phone, games, noises in the room, birds flying outside our window, etc. But the truth is those seconds can turn into minutes and hours, if we’re not careful. 

At Karate Snellville Georgia, we guide our students through multiple exercises that require a teen’s full focus. Exercises can include listening to instructions, practicing kicking at still targets and moving targets, working well with a partner, and helping to clean the school after class. 


When the going gets tough, it’s tempting to give up, be frustrated, play the comparison game, and get discouraged. That’s why one’s determination becomes an important factor to one’s potential.

How much initiative will the student take to achieve his goal? How much time will be set aside to practice? 

What’s great about teen classes at Karate Snellville Georgia, your teen is surrounded by the positive, supportive influences of the instructors and peers. From the ups and downs, the community is here to help your child overcome all obstacles, while being the greatest company. 


It’s life-changing when a teen is able to go after what s/he wants with confidence. Things like raising the hand in class, answering questions with certainty, and walking away with humbleness when wrong can be nerve wracking. 

In our classes, going after those targets with precision and accuracy require students to be confident. And if they’re not confident at first, practice and hard work will change all that. They start seeing their efforts paying off, and that’s a big confidence booster. 

* * *

At Choe’s HapKiDo Karate Snellville Georgia, our goal is to create an environment where everyone can grow in the best environment. Our students are from all walks of life, and there’s always room in our Dojang for you and your family to join us for class!

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