Meet Karate Braselton GA Instructor Mallory!

Choe’s HapKiDo Karate Braselton GA | Meet one of our super passionate instructors, Instructor Stephen Mallory! His martial arts journey and how it has positively affected his life is really inspiring. He’s not only proactive in furthering his Black Belt education, but he’s also a super Kickboxing instructor at our Braselton, GA location. Read more to learn more about Instructor Mallory’s story!

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Karate Braselton GA Instructor Mallory

INSTRUCTOR Stephen Mallory

As a Husband, Father, Graduate from Georgia Tech, and a successful Software Architect, one would think I had success in all parts of my life. But I knew something was missing.

My martial arts journey began in 2016 when my two oldest sons expressed interest. We were lucky to find Choe’s Hapkido. The instructors were passionate, energetic, and fun—My boys were hooked immediately! The more I watched from the sidelines, the more I was impressed. We had found a ‘real-deal’ traditional martial arts school. The lessons were physical of course, but also contained a lot of character development. Then one night, the parents were invited on the mat to give it a try. I never looked back that night!

Martial Arts improved every aspect of my life. The increase in my confidence, manners, and respect helped me with my relationships, both family and professionally. My body, mentality, and heart have been forever transformed. I’m grateful I’ve been given the opportunity to pay it forward by handing down this traditional martial art. I get to improve the entire world, one Blackbelt at a time. I’m grateful to the Rivera family for inviting me into their family business. I’m grateful to all of the Senior Instructors and Masters who invest their precious time in me and my family. Ultimately, I’m grateful to Grandmaster Choe for bringing his Family’s martial art from South Korea to share with the United States.


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