Meet Karate Braselton GA Instructor PattiAnn Rivera!

Karate Braselton, GA | Meet one of our amazing Martial Arts School Owners of the Braselton location, Instructor PattiAnn Rivera! Her martial arts journey began in 2008, and she has been running this school for eight years with her husband Instructor Anthony Rivera. She also teaches our TaiChi classes. Read more to learn more about Instructor PattiAnn’s story!

Karate Braselton GA


Hello! My name is PattiAnn Rivera, and my students know me as Instructor PattiAnn. My journey as a Choe’s HapKiDo student began in 2008, and it has been an honor to be running the Flowery Branch location with my husband since 2013. I am currently the head instructor for our TaiChi class, and I’m currently a 3rd degree black belt.

My passion for martial arts definitely started when I was a kid. I liked all kinds of martial arts movies and watching boxing with my dad.

My husband, Instructor Anthony Rivera, and I moved to Georgia back in 1994. When we started our family, we decided we needed an activity and thought about martial arts! Out of the Rivera clan, our son was the first pioneer at 6-years-old. After trying several martial arts places, Anthony came home and told me he had found the perfect place—Choe’s HapKiDo in Grayson, GA! He said it felt like home from the moment he walked through the doors.

With no time at all, I joined the TaiChi classes and absolutely loved it. Then one day, my instructor approached me and said, “Why don’t you try HapKiDo class? Your kids and husband like it, and I bet you will too!” So I tried it and was hooked! We soon became Asst Instructors and our son Hudson a Jr Instructor. Our daughter remained a student.

At the time, I had no idea where this new path would take us. Our decision led us to the opportunity to impact and improve our lives and also many others. By training at one location, and then opening one in a Flowery Branch—IT WAS A DREAM COME TRUE! I’ve always had a love of teaching, so this felt so natural. Watching students build confidence and character is the most rewarding life I could have chosen for myself.


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For more information on Choe’s HapKiDo Karate Braselton GA, visit here.

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