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Your teen's inner-potential, determination, and unshakeable focus are just a few martial arts classes away...

Our martial arts classes are shocking parents at the kinds of results their teens are seeing.


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Not Achieving Their Full Potential In School

Many parents have really smart kids but they just have a hard time focusing, and getting their work done. As a result, their grades suffer. And often, their self-esteem goes down with their grades. If only they could learn to focus and pay attention...

Trouble Finding Their Passion

Some kids have trouble finding something they're passionate about. For other kids it's easy and natural. But there are some kids who just haven't found the right activity yet... They seem a bit "lost" or maybe like they don't care. But really, they just haven't found something that's right for them.

Issues With Bullies

It's never easy hearing your child talk about being picked on by a bully. You want to feel safe sending your child to school not on edge and worried about their well-being. Unfortunately, every school has a bully in some shape or form... But what if your child knew how to easily deal with them (in a non-violent way)

They Crave Physical Activity - But They Just Aren't The "Team Sports" Type...

Does your kid love running around and exercising but just doesn't seem to fit into team sports? They're not alone. Many kids are like this. Team sports are not for everyone. Maybe they just haven't found the right sport to shine at yet. Martial arts could be just the thing to get them going and help them develop their natural, athletic abilities.

Check out what Google users are saying about Choe’s HapKiDo Karate Academy of Martial Arts

George Kingman
- a month ago
My son has been coming here for 2 years and I am so impressed with every part. Very family focused and no pressure. I've watched so many of these kids grow over time. Some are here for structure, some for exercise some for confidence. They help develop all 3, but also pride over accomplishing a long-term task. Sometimes everything for kids are focused on instant gratification. They teach you the skill of not quitting! I highly recommend them!

LaTonya Heard
- a week ago
Choe’s Hapkido takes pride in assisting their students with learning the necessary skills in order to obtain self discipline and building self-confidence in order to prepare them for everyday life. They teach many self-defense techniques. The classes are structured and fun at the same time. They also have a wonderful leadership program available to the students and my kids love attending and would go to class everyday if they could. They have great instructors and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a Martial Arts school near the Flowery Branch and Braselton area.

Jay Joseph
- 2 weeks ago
We LOVE the learning environment and instructors at Choe’s Hapkido on Spout Springs. Our kids enjoy the classes and ask to go every week. We also like the kickboxing classes and instructors and find the kickboxing classes to be both challenging and fun!

Elizabeth Brumley
- a week ago
Love everything they are teaching my son and all the benefits he gains from learning hapkido.

Michael Gafford
- 6 months ago
I've been taking classes for a couple of years now and I've greatly enjoyed them. The instructors are well trained and do a great job teaching as well as keeping classes fun. I'm so happy to have found this community I can call family. I would highly recommend this to anyone wanting to try martial arts.

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